The Parsonage (circa 1839)

The Parsonage is a good example of the "plantation plain"-style home common in antebellum Tennessee. The land was acquired, and the house built by a LaGrange citizen who became indebted and lost the property in 1843. The property was acquired by George P. Shelton, a prominent LaGrange merchant during the 1840s through the beginning of 1862 when commerce was suspended because of the Civil War. Notably, Mr. Shelton deeded a 200-foot lot fronting on Commerce Street for the building of the first La Grange Colored Mission. At the end of the 19th Century, The Parsonage became the property of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, to be used as a parsonage for the circuit-rider preacher who covered the La Grange, Moscow, and Rossville churches. The house was used as a parsonage until 1940 when it became a private residence again.